Passing 70-210 - Microsoft 2000 Professional

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I want to know if what I have is well in accordance and enough to actually pass this exam.

I am using Windows 2000 Professional book (Thomson Learning Course) by Tittel and Stewart. Stickers on the cover say Use to prepare for MCSE Certification Exam #70-210, and NEW! Covers MCSA Certification.

I used the course prep material to take the practice exam 50 questions, and scored 96, but that was after failing and obviously memorizing the answers. I've worked with 2000 professional for some years now. I was a Level 1 Analyst for Disney as a contractor a year ago. I used the CBTs and LabSims. But just don't know if this slices the cake. I am currently in Technical school taking Windows 2000 Server and Active Directory, but needed to knock out 2000 Pro (personal reasons) first. Any advice? And also, what is braindumps? Any help is appreciated.


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    Welcome aboard. Everything seems very good.
    The exam is pretty straight forward.
    When you come close to the exam and you may not feel fully confident, use the questions from this site.
    or try Transcender
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    The reviews about that book at Amazon aren't very good. If you can afford it I would suggest getting the MS Press MCSE Training Kit especially for the four core exams...

    But if you have actually experience with W2K pro and you pretty much used most of the options, features at least once you should have a fair chance. There's quite some overlap between Pro and Server and you need to know some ADS basics as well and you are currently taking Windows 2000 Server and Active Directory....

    Indeed Transcender would be a good choice to make sure you are ready to pass, but you can try the out the many free practice exams online as well, check out our link section for more besides our own questions.
    And also, what is braindumps?

    Well, in the context of IT certification this word is used to define a **** with questions and answer from previous test-takers... you want to stay away from those... for obvious reasons and more... (don't get me started ;) )
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    Great! I am going to go ahead and buy the books from Microsoft Press study them, and then go take the test. I appreciate the responses.

    Fortunately I have hardware I can fiddle around with in class. I've been installing Windows 2000 Server, running dcpromo to install AD and create a domain, along with creating a subdomain on another server etc... So it is helping me "understand" how to do certain things. Backing up, restoring etc... Auditing, system logs etc... So I am getting some classroom experience with it. However I did get on the job experience at Disney but dealt with Netware 5.5 more than AD. I think all I ever did in AD was add users, printers, etc... I know more about MS Exchange than I do AD (thats a shame).....pz out
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    Thats free shipping with them too plus the coupon that comes in it will save you another $60 if you take all four exams....I think this set from that store is the best deal you will find....I am gonna be getting them as soon as I confirm my need for it.

    I got an offer for a development position and that will take up most of my time and leave none for my MS exams. Its wierd, kind of taking a detour in the IT field....I went from networking, hardware/software work to Java, JSP, XML, HTML, type stuff. Anyone do any work with Powerbuilder? I hope I can really get into this stuff. I am interested in it now but at a more amateur/fundamental level.

    Good luck Zeus on your furture exams..keep us posted on how they are coming for you icon_wink.gif
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