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I'm studying for Network+ and I have TestOut or study material. The sims are great. Plus, I have the Technotes from this site. Studying the Technotes from this site really gives me the feeling that I can pass this test. Do you all think it is enough? I also have a CBT to use, but I'll hold off on that until I finish TestOut and the Technotes.

What do you all think?

I'd take an Syngress or Sybex ebook from anyone that's offering though. :D
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    lol.. I have the same feelings w/ the Technotes. :)
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    I would def read a book if you have not done so. There is a bunch of material on this exam and its really not all that easy. I personally did CBT Nuggets, Network+ book, practice exams.

    Get a book or CBT is the best advice i can give you though
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    Thanks Ulwiz. I started reading the Thompson Book... i will take it in a couple of months...
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    I think you could pass with TestOut and the Technotes... but I would grab a book to fill the gaps, ExamCram was a quick read and was helpful (cheap on Amazon too).
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    I have a book from CompTIA. I've been reading that as well. Just wondering if TestOut and the TechNotes would be enough. The Thompson book from CompTIA is LOADS of information. I think I have a good understanding of networking, but there are some subjects that I'm just not grasping. I feel the Tech Notes help out better in that area.
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    For Network+ i only used the TestOut software, but I have had some experience with general networking so that also helped. But a good and safe way is to read a Network+ book then use the TestOut software (if you have it already) for its visual demos and exam sims/practice exams. CBT Nuggets would also be a big help for visualization of things. Technotes has an awesome (and free
    icon_cool.gif) review materials for you as well.

    The biggest factor would be knowing the domains of the test, which can be found at CompTIA's Network+ page.

    Topics like the OSI structure, connectivity methods (network medias and devices), IP address classes and subnetting, and different network tools (programs,devices) are things you would want to pay special attention to.

    There are dozens of people here behind their computers/coffee ready to help you if in case you need more explanation about something. :D

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    Powercert has the best Network+ video with alot of animation. It helps you visualize what you learn that you can't get with just a book.
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    I just studied the Network + book by Mike Myers and then read the Exam Cram Network +. If you just use those two Books then you should not have any problems. All the info you need to learn can be found in those two books.

    Good Luck!!!!

    Once you pass, dont stop, Go straight to the CCENT/CCNA while the material is still fresh in your head.
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