Passed with an 840!

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Hello all, I actually just recently ran across this site a few days and am very impressed with it! Today I passed the Network+ with an 840. If you believe it, I actually failed with a 534 just one month prior. I knew what I had to do, and studied very hard. I would definitely recommend Train Signal CBT videos, they helped me immensely. I look forward to keeping up with posting and checking up on this board!


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    and alittle more background...I also used "The Ultimate Network+ Resource Kit" which was alittle too in depth but still a good read. I also got a 600 question CD from Mike Myers which helped alot as I thought the CD was much more challenging than the test which eased things come test time. I also have gone through the CCNA Net Acad and this time around that knowledge helped me out alot more on the test.
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    What's your next target? Gonna put those Cisco Network Academy Courses to use and take on the CCNA?
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    yes that is my next quest. still debating whether or not to do it in 2 parts :)
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    congrats good luck with CCNA icon_cool.gif
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    Good luck on your next challenge.
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    yes that is my next quest. still debating whether or not to do it in 2 parts :)
    Congrats on the pass, assuming you still haven't decided, I would go with the 2 exam option, aside from visiting the exam center twice (assuming its close by) since there is no fiscal benefit to combining them anymore, I would split them up (that's what I plan on doing). Easy to absorb and prepare in batches I think.

    And don't forget about the SECONDCHANCE offer.
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    Yes I agree with doing the two exams instead of the one big one. Besides, you get two certs icon_lol.gif
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    Congratulations, I failed my first time too. I was arrogant when I went to take the test and paid for it. I like Mike Myers stuff, but I don't know how relavent it was to the actual test.
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