IS A+ Actually worth it?

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Is the A+ exam actually worth cramming for? I have been throwing this idea around for 2 years. It seems anyone in the IT field or any other kind of cert should know A+ work. It seems to be a given. I have been building computers for my company and installing all OS's for 4 years. Slapping a computer together and installing any OS is a joke, its easy. Almost to easy. It just seems like its a given, you really don't need a cert, and I actually never see it as a job requirment except for maybe BENCHTECH.


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    Helpdesk, Sys Admin. Two jobs I see all the time that require at minimum A+, if not MCSA/MCSE. Right now, I'm field service, and even that required A+. Even though I have not done a single "PC in the real world" workorder, and mostly retail machines, nor have I seen any use for my A+, other than my MCSA travels. A+ shows more than just basic computer skills, it also shows basic electrical theory, basic networking, and troubleshooting. Building a PC is easier than installing Linux. Knowledge, and proof of it is what employers want.
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    Having it want hurt, but if you want to skip it and work on something more advanced.

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    A+ is well worth it. I was looking to see what jobs are out there and I saw a lot of places that require you to at least have the A+ Cert. Would not skip it if I were you. The A+ alone will not land you $50k job but it can get you in the door job\interview.

    I suggest you go for that Cert. icon_study.gif

    Good Luck!!! :D
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    Sounds like you don't need A+ for you present job. But, if you ever
    decide to go to another employer for some reason, it might be a good cert to have.

    Different places require different things. My job as a computer operator doesn't require any certs for hiring. I work in the server room and monitor and start backups, restart utilities that lock up, etc., and answer some help desk calls late at night when nobody is at the desk. Help Desk, however, requires that a person have A+ Certification!

    Boils down to what the boss wants.

    If you're considering learning and certfication that will set you up for the present and future, study, practice and get certifications in networks and security. Don't think you can go wrong.
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    A+ seems like the cert for the computer technician. Low Level Technician, no experience except maybe fixing a few friends computers. I know it cannot hurt me, but I am currently working toward a single MCP, then CCNA. I want more networking and less computer repairs. I am burned out from A+ work. Been there and done that. I want to be the guy above the technician, running WANs and directing network structure. Maybe I will see it in a different light some where down the road.
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    Every cert will teach you a little more. You never know when you will need the information from previous studies. It doesn't hurt to have A+. At my job, I get paid extra for every cert I have, and I have had to revert back to A+ material for some trouble shooting, even though most of the work I do is networks/server. Point being, you never know when you will need it. It's a entry level cert. I notice you said that your burnt out of the A+ studies, wait to you get heavy into the networking. Best of luck to you!
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    It's a entry level cert. I notice you said that your burnt out of the A+ studies, wait to you get heavy into the networking.

    He's right...too much to learn too little time. icon_confused.gif
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    I'm going to stop knocking on the A+ cert. I contacted an old professor of mine for advice on which order to do my certs and he told me to get my A+ then MCSA and then its "Cisco time" , I agree with him. The A+ cert is very entry level but it does look good to have it. PLUS, with the NET+ it counts as an MCSA elective. So, after my 70-270 exam I think will study the A+ for 2 weeks and go do it so I can move on to my last 2 MCSA's.
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