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Hi all,

Just wondering what kind of server configuration would I need to hold about 100 user using window 2003 active directory? I do not want to over spend on the server and also do not want to under spend on the cpu or ram? Thanks
Tai Bui


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    What else are you going to be doing with it besides using it as a domain controller? DCs really don't need much of anything...

    If you have the money and you're just need a domain controller, I'd go for a second server so you can have redundancy instead of trying to beef up a single box.
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    DCs barely require anything just as long as there's no other server applications running on it. Here is a good sizing doc:

    The smallest setup they have is:

    Example 1:
    By using this graph, you determine that an existing domain controller with a single 800 MHz processor (Configuration A) is adequate to support 800 users at 50% CPU usage. However, if you expect to support a greater number of users in the near future, you might decide to either add another domain controller with the same configuration or replace your existing domain controller with a higher-end model.
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    Thanks guys for your help :)
    Tai Bui
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