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I am currently studying for my Security+ with an exam date of 8/26. I have a good understanding of most of the concepts except for cryptography. Not sure why this section just isn't sticking. I am hoping to just wake up one night at 3 am with a lightbulb over my head like eureka...but in case that doesn't happen, does anybody recommend any good material they used for that information.

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    Is there anything in particular you are having trouble with. Studying PKI is very useful to help tie everything in together (Certificates, Digital Signature, Symmetric and Asymmetric keys, Hashing)
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    What resources are you using and what are you specifically having problems with? To be honest, you will learn a ton just going through Wikipedia and learning about every algorithm and term you come across.

    Also, check out Security Now! episodes 30-37.! (Wikipedia actually has the most convenient list for it, they included links to the episodes)
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    Cryptography is something that I just didn't "get" until I played with it first hand. Even though this is a vendor neutral test, there isn't anything that says you can't install some vendor's implementation of PKI and play around with it. If you have a virtual lab and windows 2003 media, and a client machine with Outlook, set one up and play around with it.
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    Thanks for all your input and suggestions. I am sure it will eventually click, I went through this same thing with subnetting until one day a light bulb went off and it all made perfect sense. The issue I am having right now is just the whole concept of the PKI system. I probably isn't that difficult but the whole concept just seems confusing to me. I have 2 weeks to go so it may just be pre-test jitters. Anywho...i listened to one of the security now audio clips and I liked it alot. I am at work now so I will try the rest this evening. Thanks for that one, I may even look at the others too just for my own knowledge and growth.
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    If you used the Syngress book for your 70-290 test, look at the second half of chapter 5. Pretty decent overview.
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