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Hi, i'm new in this forum. I:m studying for the OS eexam to become A+ certified. But i;m very nervous about the exam. I"m still reading the materials from my class, but it seems a lot to memorized. I put together a table with all the OS and "how tos" for each chapte. Do yuo think this will help, and/or should I study behond the differences between them?

Any tips are well appreciated!




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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    You can never study enough. I would rather be over prepared, than under. Passing the exam is free, failing costs more than money.
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076

    I know the feeling. I also took A+ classes. The amount of material covered for either A+ exam is almost staggering--especially if you're not very experienced in over-all PC troubleshooting and configuration.

    Don't get anxious about taking the exam until you're reasonably sure that you have a practical grasp of the material. In class we installed most of the systems covered, but I got copies of all the OSs covered and installed and practiced with them several times after the class was over. That opened my eyes to a lot of what I was studying.

    Unless you're depending on the cert for immediate job advancement, or it's required in order to keep a job that you have, take your time to really learn A+ and don't just study to get a cert, but use it as a tool to become experienced and capable in entry-level IT work.

    Best of luck!
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