say guys, judge these certs that im going to take

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Can you please tell me how valuable they are. I havent heard good things about A+ and N+ from Comptia cause most folks still can get a job after getting them.

Im currently going to the computer learning school New Horizons and Im taking their Cyber Defense Program which include the following certifications. Please tell me what you think

I already passed the software portion of the A+ from Comptia, im studying for the hardware now.

A+ Certification—

Core Hardware—
Learn the basic components of a PC and how to set up a basic PC configuration.

Operating Systems—
Designed for the new computer professional who has support-level knowledge of personal computer (PC) hardware, but needs to expand upon that knowledge to learn the basic skills to set up and support the operating systems that run on PCs.

Network + Certification—

Teaches the fundamentals of networking. Students learn the vendor-independent networking skills and concepts that affect all aspects of networking, such as installing and configuring the TCP/IP client.

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator(MCSA)—

2151-- The goal of this course is to provide individuals who are new to Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with the knowledge necessary to understand and identify the tasks involved in supporting Windows 2000 networks.

2152-- This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to install and configure Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional on stand-alone and client computers that are part of a workgroup or domain.

2126--The goal of this course is to provide the knowledge required by system administrators, and network administrators who implement, manage, and troubleshoot existing network and server environments based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.

CCNA® Certification

Provides hands-on instruction in internetworking concepts and will prepare students to support Cisco® networks and devices.

Cisco® PiX—

Teaches the knowledge and skills needed to describe, configure, verify and manage the PIX Firewall product family and the Cisco IOS® Firewall feature set.

Security Certified Network Professional(SCNP)—

Hardening the Infrastructure(HTI)-- Topics will include: hardening Windows, Linux and Routers, Advanced TCP/IP, IPSec, Contingency Planning, Internet and Wed Hardening, and Attack Techniques. This is the first course offered in Level 1 of the Security Certified Program.

Network Defense and Countermeasures--

This is the second course of the first level of the Security Certified Program. It focuses on understanding the architecture for Network Defense.

Microsoft ISA Server—

The goal of this course is to provide Information Technology (IT) professionals with the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage Microsoft® Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 in an enterprise environment.

Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator/Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer—

Teaches the student how to use and implement the Checkpoint Firewall configurations.
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    x_Danny_x wrote:
    Can you please tell me how valuable they are. I havent heard good things about A+ and N+ from Comptia cause most folks still can get a job after getting them.
    Do you mean "CAN"T GET A JOB" which could be true depending on the job your looking for. A+ & N+ are entry-level certs which means entry level jobs. This course is great and geared more toward the un-experienced by taking you through entry-level certs and ending you in more difficult certs, in this case it being Cisco. If you have the time & money its a good course. Never forget experience is the key to success.
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    oops sorry yeah i ment "CAN'T".

    so Cisco is the hardest you say?

    so im assuming that the ones after the Cisco are also hard cause you said they are taking me from a entry level to hard level certs
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    When referencing to mainstream certifications, Yes Cisco is in the top class of difficulty and needs some time & attention. CCIE is considered by Cisco to be the doctorate of Networking. I do not know what you mean, when you say, “Certs after Cisco are harder” that really depends in what order you take your certs in, pending your career path. Usually all certs are not easy, some are easier than others. Once again the difficulty of a test depends on your experience and real world knowledge.
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    thanks bro,

    they gave it to me in that order and i presume the Certifications were from Easy to Harder going down the list. So i thought the ones mention after Cisco in the list that i showed were harder than the Cisco

    I have to prepare well when i get to the Cisco, one of my friends failed it twice before he passed it the third time he took it.

    He told me he needed to get like 80% right to pass
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    84.9% to pass or a 849 out of 1000.
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    I think that MS ISA class at the end of the program is there to try to start you off in a specialized field, in this case being security. Pretty much institutionalized. GL
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