70-649 passed, how i prepared.

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Yes, I passed 70-649 last friday. It was easier than I expected. ( 920 points)

I expecte a lower score, but probably I was lucky on some of the question that I had to guess.
( no sims in the exam )

I prepared using the book from Syngress (the real MCTS/MCITP), and practising a lot with 3 vm ware machines. I had been reading about 2008 already, and played around with vm's running 2008. Then I took 3 days off to prepare for the exam.

Lots of questions regarding Terminal Services, and VPN/RRAS.

Also, try to learn about WSUS on Windows 2008 and using Network Monitor.

This is really a "transition" exam, and studying for this, gave me a good introduction to Windows 2008. I guess the " professional series exam" will be a lot harder. Next exam will be 70-646 I guess, because that will make me MCITP.


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    dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□

    I'd like to knock this one out before the end of the year; thanks for the review.
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    preecypreecy Member Posts: 66 ■■□□□□□□□□
    congrats on the pass ;)
    hidde_p wrote:
    Next exam will be 70-646 I guess, because that will make me MCITP.
    Dont you mean 70-647? I keep promising myself i will start studying for this but im struggling to find any motivation. I just wish there was some 2008 cbt material out as i cant face slogging it with only a book or two as i did with 70-649.
    next up SharePoint... what's that all about!
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    cacharocacharo Member Posts: 361
    Congrats and Welcome!
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    TechnowizTechnowiz Member Posts: 211
    Congrats on the pass! Would you recommend the Syngress book? It has mixed reviews on amazon.
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    dave0212dave0212 Member Posts: 287

    I have a couple of other exams I want to complete and then looking to take this in the new year, the syngress book is sat on my desk waiting and I have pre-built a 2008 base VM machine ready.

    CBT look to be releasing some videos for the MCTS exams shortly so might purchase them also
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