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UPDATE: Well, my wife gave birth to our daughter this morning, and I passed the OS this afternoon, on only 3 hours sleep! Thanks for all of your help and the great resources, now on to the Net +!

OK, I have been a computer tech for over 4 years now. I went to school for networking, and in practice I know what I am talking about. I got this job based off of my schooling, so certs werent an issue. But now I want to move on to another job, and I know the certs will matter. So I am planning on taking the A+. First question-Does it matter which A+ I take? I know the new one fully goes into effect at the end of June and is adaptive and the new one is not. How many questions are on the 2003 exam? I am confident in my PC knowledge, but I am literally scared to death of failing this exam... I have more ?, but I will post them later.


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