Passed 70-290 with a 780!

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Yabba-Dabba Do!

I passed the 70-290 with a 780 today! I went in not felling real good about it, but needed to take the test. I about fell out of my chairin shock icon_eek.gif The training center I am going to uses TestOut and the MS Press Book. I had 4 sims not real hard lots of backing up/restore and GPO questions.

I tried using the MeasureUp that comes on the CD with the MS Press book, and I have to say personlay I think it sucks and is overrated! It may work well for some but I have used it three times now. I don't fell it really follows the Microsoft testing format.

I think the TechNotes and practice Exams on this site are Awesome. I had TechNotes in hand looking them over before I took the test. Now I just need to get through the 70-291.

I really thought the 70-270 was harder!

Ken :D


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