MS second chance or Ebay voucher

Kind of a tough choice. You pay full price for the MS second shot, but you get just that if you need it.
Ebay voucher, you can easily save $40. For instance, I have worked for many years supporting
4000 users in an XP desktop environment in a Windows and Netware environment, VPN, T/S, imaging/ghost etc. I would have thought that the 70-270 eam would be a breeze. However, practice exams reveal I cannot pass a 70-270 exam! Some of the exam scenarios don't seem to be anything anyone would ever encounter. If I did, I would not take the recommended approach, not even in my wildest dream!
That said, I guess I will go with the second shot, its better to get a free $125 chance, than a hopeful $40 savings.


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