Anyone booking Cisco Exams before Oct 31 2008

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Anyone booking Cisco Exams before Oct 31 2008, valid 20% discount I found VUE confirmed code

(I took off this code) If you are really in need of a discount contact me..(I might not be bale to reply i am not looking in to mails very busy studying)but will try to reply. so if u are really in need pls contact.

This I got from my office colleague from his instructor has given him to book for the lab exam,
as i told i am booking for the written, he gave this code to use, and i thought it was only valid for one country and only for lab exams, so I confirmed it twice from VUE, and it can be used, and for any Cisco exam.

And after spending so much on materials and courses, a discount was helpful..

BTW right now i am looking at this

Wow.. had a look at the ccie labs exam room :D
Exams Sucks!!! But can't avoid...


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    Very cool, thanks for the information. It will be put to very good use.

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    The terms of that program state that the code will not be advertised on a public website and is only for the use of students of the trainer. You may have just got him booted from the program.
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    This is a nice gesture, but seriously, why the hell would you post that? If I were the guy that gave you that code to use you can rest assured I'd be all up in your grill....I recommend you edit your post and remove the code, for your sake and his....but hey, that's just me.
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    Oh Yeh you guys were right.. matter of fact... I am sooo busy with studies as the exam date is coming closer.. my friend busted me...and made me come to this forum and get off this code, as i am not suppose to publically give it out ..
    But when i contact VUE, they never mentioned anything as this..
    hmm any way i am gonna get that code off as this program seem to be having some instructor student thing...
    Exams Sucks!!! But can't avoid...
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