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Passed today with an 830.

Used CBT Nuggets and all the information I could find on Tech Exams like Tech notes, advice from previous testers, etc. Also had some E-books to look through from various sources like Sybex and Syngress among others. Didn't really read them but used them as reference and clarification sources. I have been dealing with security and communications for almost 19 years in the Air Force so I could make some educational guesses on the test which I did.

My advice is to understand the terminology and how to apply it to scenarios. Definitely know your access methods. Had a couple of port questions, couple of UNIX, and IPSEC seemed to be popular. A few what type of attack is this questions.

Like I said though, be able to apply the information to a scenario.

Sorry but that is mainly what I remember right now...if someone mentions something later I will probably say "Oh yeah...that too!"

Good luck to everyone els ein their certs journey...thanks for everyone elses help.

I think I might hit up the ITIL certification but could possibly hit up a Microsoft or Cisco.


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