Okay, I just took the plunge

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And booked my first Lab date, 21 Nov this year in San Jose (since RTP is 'mysteriously' booked up until March next year for security, I guess the new track equipment is going in).

I just finished Internetwork Expert's security bootcamp yesterday so I figured it was time to at least give it a go, if it doesn't work out at least it'll be reconnaissance icon_cyclops_ani.gif

The bootcamp was excellent btw. It was hosted by Brian McGahan and there were about 10 students total, one of which was Anthony Sequeira (their newest instructor and someone most here will recognize from his books) the rest were a mix of Cisco AS reps and a few existing CCIE's from other domains (the guy sitting beside me was already a CCIE R&S and Voice)....so it was a wee bit intimidating :) that said everyone was very down to earth and while I knew I was sitting in a room of CCIE demigods nobody acted like it mattered icon_wink.gif . Anyway the course material was very well paced with technology lectures before each major lab section that gave pointers but did not spoon feed solutions so you still had to work for your results, which I guess is kind of the point. At all times Brian tried to identify areas that he felt you absolutely needed to know offhand before even thinking of doing the Lab vs. those that were better left to knowing the principals and uses but it being more realistic to know where the exact Syntax could be found in the documentation (the new layout) and of course showing what he considered to be the best locations for information within the online doc.s. Brian was at all times approachable and extremely knowledgeable. whether it was a genuinely hard topic or something stupid you should have known offhand his manner never wavered from courteous and professional, again since at the start I felt like the least experienced guy in the room I really appreciated this. While I know I have a lot of work still to do to pass the Lab this week's course has brought me a hell of a lot closer to it.
Highly recommended.
We responded to the Year 2000 issue with "Y2K" solutions...isn't this the kind of thinking that got us into trouble in the first place?


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