Yep... ICND1 Tomorrow for me too...

dazerskidazerski Posts: 106Member
10am Pacific time. I dunno... I'm not really nervous about the test. Kinda general test anxiety.. but trying not to let it get the best of me. I have studied so much that frankly, I can't imagine there being anything on the test that I do not know about besides maybe some experimental questions.

I have watched all of the Train Signal/CBT Nugget videos multiple times, studied Odom's front to back and went back, studied all the questions and answers several times... referenced Lammel's book a lot, read pretty much all of the Cisco Command Reference book and examples, used my SDM simulator to configure PAT and DHCP over and over, practiced with the Cisco CCNA flash card book. I have used my lab as well as Boson's NetSim simulator to practice everything over and over and over, I purchased the Boson ICND1 practice exam which I consistently score 950+ on every exam. Took the 300 question Train Signal exam and scored 96%, I can subnet just about everything I can think of in under 15 seconds (finding ranges, net and BC),...

I dunno... If I don't pass tomorrow, I will be dumbfounded. And I really feel like I didn't just "cram" for this stuff, I feel like when I read something or configure something, I'm doing it because I know it, not because I memorized something...

Well... All, Wish me a good exam tomorrow. Thankfully I will qualify for the 2nd chance offer. My hope is that I won't need it.


PS: Good luck to all who are taking the exam around the same time! I know there were a couple of you here :)


  • GlynixxGlynixx Posts: 138Member
    Good luck!

    I am hoping for next week. I am about to start using the questions that come with Odom's book. Let me know if you think the purchased Boson one put you over the top... I may have to buy that too!

    Get some rest, you should do great tomorrow!

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    Good luck!
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  • QbeQbe ■□□□□□□□□□ Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Good luck, and congratulations in advance! Sounds like you're plenty prepared.
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    Good Luck! icon_thumright.gif
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  • MishraMishra ■■■■□□□□□□ Posts: 2,468Member ■■■■□□□□□□

    I'm thoroughly impressed with the amount of work you put into this test. Well deserved congrats even before you step in and take the test.
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    Best of luck to you!!
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