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Hi all,

Just thought i'd let you all know how i got on today and my thoughts on the exam!

Ive spent a fait bit of time in the forums recently, particulary in the 293 one of course, and have noticed ( certainly over the last few weeks) comments describing this as the beast junior, and it being a really sucky exam, and very difficult to pass.

I'd personally agree and found that from the minute i picked up my 70-293 MS Press book, ( not recommended icon_rolleyes.gif ) I really didnt enjoy the whole PKI, certificate, placement of server roles in and out of perimeter firewalls etc, and therefore the subject matter didnt stick icon_sad.gif

Got through with an 800 which im relieved at - My first 4 questions comprised of 3 sims, all of which were horrendously vague as usual and i most likely stuffed up. The rest of the test was mainly PKI stuff, a bit of RRAS, a bit of DNS, but the sims at the start shook me up i think.

I'd echo what other recent passers have said - Dont underestimate this exam, for me personally it was my toughest exam yet, I didnt find any easy parts, but with good study and a good amount of time spent going through certificate / PKI stuff it'll be fine. This was defo a weak exam for me!

cheers, Mipo


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    COngrats man!

    whats up next?
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    Congratulations icon_thumright.gif

    On to 294?
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    yep it'll definately be the 294, i really enjoy AD, ive been using sites and services and set up a trust at work recently so it differs from the 293 in as much as i enjoy Active Dir stuff, Ive actually used it, and it will actually help my day to day work icon_cool.gif

    How did you guys find the 294, following the 293?
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    I agree, 293 is a wicked hard test. Good luck with 294.
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    Congratulations on the pass, good overview. I'd say your best bet would be to do 70-298, if you haven't done it already and are planning to, or another security-related Microsoft exam, since you're coming off of the rather daunting security topics in 70-293. Either way, good luck with your next exam. :D

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