Passed....(I hope!)

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Took the 293 today at a prometric test centre in High Wycombe (UK) I got to about question 10 then got a message saying 'Terminating...' and the test closed. I went and got the lady from the test centre and she opened it up again and thankfully it was at the same point it had crashed on. After finishing the test i called the lady back and she clicked to end the test. my score came up 781 and then the system crashed again. She could not locate my test result on the system to print it out, so she rang Prometric who after putting her on hold for what seemed like a week talked her through uploading the days test results. They didnt say weather they could see my result or not, but said they would send my score sheet to me within 3/4 days. Just hoping that my score will have regsitered on the prometric system as i do not want to have to re-take it. i have a ref number for the call she made so if my transcript is not updated i can try calling them.

As for the test itself, this was my first attempt. i had 50 questions and 4 of those were sims. Overall i found it about as hard as the 291.


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    Congrats! (I hope too!)

    Would you mind giving a break down of roughly how the different topics were broken up?

    Cheers :)
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    I found i was tested pretty evenly on PKI, IPSEC, NLB and Clustering. I'd say i got about 3 RRAS questions which were pretty straightforward. 2 drag and drop {edited by moderator}questions which were simple and then a couple on backups/system restores Q's. I didnt feel that i got hit hard with one paticular subject which was nice as there were area's i was still not very confident on, esecially PKI.

    Just checked my MCP transcript and the 293 is now showing as passed. Thats a weight of my mind, Phew!!
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    Congrats on passing, we all knew you knocked it out of the park even if Prometric had kept their thumbs up their butts and didn't acknowledge your accomplishment.

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    Congrats on your pass.
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