Best book for 291?

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I am starting on 291 very soon, and am trying to choose a book. I have done well with the MS books so far.

However, the MS 291 is not getting good reviews on Amazon, people are saying the practive labs are not very good.

On closer inspection though, they are saying not to use this book to pass the 284 exam (duh, it's not the correct book for 284)

Has anyone here got a good reason for choosing a book other than the MS one? I didn't find the Sybex ones great when I was doing the MCDST, I dumped them and got the equivalent MS books.

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  • bertiebbertieb Member Posts: 1,031 ■■■■■■□□□□
    I thought that the MS Press book for the 291 was excellent, if a little dry in areas.
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  • steve_fsteve_f Member Posts: 97 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks, MS book arrived from Amazon today!
  • dalesdales Member Posts: 225
    Yes the 291 ms press book is good, although especially true for the 291 you will need more than one book to study with. I just really wish sometimes that there was a bit more personality injected into these books. As much as I am finding the 291 interesting the addition of some wit and humour would really help these books!
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    Good luck. Make sure you lab stuff up!
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    I'll second the labs and I would also agree that I liked the 291 book from MS.
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    If you want a little wit and some corny jokes, I recommend you try and pickup the CBT Nuggets course for 70-291. I really liked the 70-290 course and it had some really helpful info that "tied it altogether." I'm starting 291 this week too, good luck!
  • nevolvednevolved Member Posts: 131
    I actually enjoyed the MS Press book. It seemed to be very well organized. It gives a broad definition, and then drills down to fairly minute detail.
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    I used the MS Press book, in conjuction with CBT Nuggets and TestOut, and I found these to be plenty for the exam, (along with some hands-on work, but that goes without saying).

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