602 done.......next, Network+

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Just passed 602 today. I got a 740 so I have mixed emotions about that. I definitely want to re-think my study approach for Network+. I used the passport book for both 601 and 602. Has anyone used the passport Network+ book for that test? Did it help? I have quite a bit of networking experience (Air Force, Network Infrastructure technician) so that's why I like the passport books. Plus they're easier to carry around. Lol


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    As far as "Passport" series....I've liked them in the A+/NET+ exams. They should not be your only book as they are very abbreviated, but used with a AIO or Sybex....it's a great resource.

    Also check out the NET+ PDF from this site!
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    Thanks. I'll probably get both books. I just like the passport series because it's smaller but it does leave out quite a bit of info.
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