Passed CCNA INTRO 640-821

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I had originally planned on taking the full composite CCNA exam instead of doing the two exam option. However, upon completion of CCNA 2 for the Cisco Networking Academy Program, I opted to take the voucher exam. Scored a 97.1 on it. And when they gave me my voucher, I saw the discount %..... 62.5%. Hrm, assuming they offer the same kind of voucher for ICND, that means I can take the two exam option for less than it would cost me to take the composite exam, which is normally the cheaper of the two. Wasn't a hard choice....


Scale: 300 - 1000
Passing Score: 825
My Score: 952

Objective Domains:

Design and Support - 100%
Implementation and Operation - 100%
Technology - 88%

47 questions, allocated 1.5 hours, took me a little over 30. Near as I can tell, I missed two questions (and I know what one of them is, and I'm kicking myself.... make sure to read and comprehend the questions *before* answering)

Had 2 sim questions, both of which were ridiculously easy. Other than that, know your subnetting... lots and lots of subnetting. Also a fair bit of binary and hex conversion. Everything else was basic stuff I saw on Net+.

So half a CCNA now, on to ICND
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    Congrats!! Great review also...
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    Congratz!!! I'm almost ready to scheduel my CCNA exam. Trying to get this darn subnetting in my head. icon_study.gificon_study.gificon_study.gificon_study.gif
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    congratulations !!!
    I am going to schedule my ccna exam for next week. I heard from someone that they ask you a lot of OSPF questions, is this true? if so, what kind of questions do they ask you.. icon_lol.gif
  • DrakonblaydeDrakonblayde Member Posts: 542
    This was just the INTRO exam, the first half of the two exam option. Now that you mention it, I don't recall a single question on routing protocols.

    This test was ridiculously easy, I scheduled it 2 weeks after I got my voucher and didn't even bother studying for it. I hope ICND is a bit more of a challenge.
    = Marcus Drakonblayde
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    Congrats....and good luck on the next one.

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