Passed Today...WooHoo!!!!

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Sat the exam today and passed with 85 percent. Not what I was hoping to score, but hell, they don't stick the score on the certification. Anyway, from the previous scores I've seen, this is not too bad at all.

:D Well, I will tell you I got a ton of SCSI related questions, especially with mixing older and newer SCSI technology. Along the same lines, be prepared for lots of RAID questions, however, all my questions were on the most commonly used RAID levels in use today. Make sure you intimately know RAID 0,1,3,5, and 0+1. Didn't see any other RAID levels on the exam.

Other than disk and disk redundancy, there were other topics with which I was hit with a number of questions. This exam tested me pretty heavy in prepping the server environment (power and network availability, etc.). Know the three different backup types forward and backward. I think I had three or four questions concerning restore scenarios alone.

The question format I received was probably 60 percent with a single correct answer and the remainder were multiple correct answers. All in all, it wasn't too bad of an exam, if you study and use common sense.

I did not use as many study guides as others in this forum. Trevor Kay's Server+ Bible was a good read and the primary source for exam prep. I also downloaded some Internet articles I researched and relied on 15+ years experience in the industry.

Well, I guess that's my two cents on this cert. Onward to CCNA.



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