Redistribution problem :(

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I'm preparing for my CCNP BSCI exam and tried some labs but it wont work.

I got a border router it's connecting with the internet (e0) en got 3 other connections:
e1 - with IT1 router - OSPF
e2 - with IT1 router - OSPF

s0 - with frame-relay network (via router with frame-relay config) - EIGRP

This frame-relay router is connected with 2 other routers, using EIGRP as routing protocol.

I have to use redsitrubute on the border router to have all routers and LANs communicating with each other. But only the EIGRP network learns the OSPF routes and only 1 EIGRP route is learned by the Border router icon_sad.gif

Only one of the routers connected with the frame-relay router is passing its routing information to the border ... Is it a problem to use redistribution on a router when you're using subinterfaces (and more DLCIs) on a router?

Hope someone can help




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    make sure you reditribute ospf into eigrp using th Bandwidth, Delay Reliabilty, load and MTU metrics. you cant just use bandwidth and delay.
    i had a similar problem.
    sometimes auto-summary can cause problems when redistributing, so you might issue the no auto command if you havent already.
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    The redistribution was okay. I was working on that lab for a few hours and just turned off everything.

    The next day I wanted to finish the lab and when everything booted up, the redistribution worked ...

    Don't know what the problem was, but sometimes a reboot helps.

    Greets ;)

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    Haha....yah..sometimes a reboot will help....My favorite mess up is doing a copy start run ....instead of a copy run start....Good times! :)

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