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I have had a splendid time on this sites as various isues have been solved by those with years of experience.I recieved training on MCSE 2003 and CCNA but i have not written any certifications.I recently got admitted to study Networks and Information Security and i am confused on what certifications to write.Im nt sure if MCSE still exist cos im seeing something like MCTS.IS it advisable to follow the cisco path or microsoft...Suggestions highly welcome


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    MCTS and MCITP are the new "versions" of MCP and MCSE/A. MCITP is an umbrella name that could cover a number of things...so look for what is stated after the MCITP to denote the technology. For example, MCITP:DBA or MCITP:SA

    The MCSE naming convention was for W2k3 and prior, and is not going to be carried through for W2k8. The MCSE name is being replaced with MCITP:EA

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    Do not just follow path.. You need to target something that help your career. Some IT guys deal with cisco network equipment day-2-day. Some IT guys never touch cisco after they get their CCNA or CCNP.

    Rememeber, experience is what you need not the paper.
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