USB console cable

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Found this handy little cable for connecting console cables to the modern PCs which don't come with serial ports anymore.


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    dynamik wrote:
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    I've just been using mine for the first time today - it was a pain having to boot my work laptop every time I wanted to console in and having study materials on my own laptop! I am guted to see it has been reduced from £6.44 which I paid for it last week to £2.16 though!!! Every penny counts haha

    Some of these USB - Serial converters don't seem to work and some don't support the Cisco break key sequence so make sure they have reviews or you check with the source that they support Cisco kit.

    The one I got had a review from a guy who bought it solely to config Cisco gear so pretty reliable.

    I did have to tweak the Com port in Device Manager when I installed it though as when it installed initially it picked up on Com8 and Teraterm (or the version I have anyway) only supports up to Com4 icon_confused.gif

    Anyone who needs to know how to do that you go to control panel - system - hardware - device manager

    go into the properties of the USB to serial convertor (Com8 or what ever it picked), port settings - advenced and change the Com port number to 1 - 4. It will tell you if there are any in use.

    I've had issues where Microsoft Activesync and other programs using the com port are listening and prevent you to connecting in via terminal.

    Tip of the day, hopefully it'll help someone :D
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    been using these for a while now, and once youve got the right driver installed there normally a breeze to use icon_smile.gif
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    Kaminsky wrote:
    dynamik wrote:
    Welcome to the future icon_cool.gif

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    Don't mind dynamik, he's suffering from rambling-post-withdrawal. I haven't made him sit through a three-hour response in a few weeks and he's getting cranky. icon_lol.gif

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    The vast majority of USB to serial adapters are either based on a Prolific or FTDI chip. If you're using Vista and have a Prolific adapter then use Windows Update since Prolific don't have the driver on their site for some reason. I wouldn't bother with the CD that usually comes with the adapter as it tends to be out of date.
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