9 Year old MCP

Now, I really feel bad about not getting my first Microsoft Certification till I was past 30.

I've escaped call centers and so can you! Certification Trail and mean pay job offers for me: A+ == $14, Net+==$16, MCSA==$20-$22, MCAD==$25-$30, MCSD -- $40, MCT(Development), MCITP Business Intelligence, MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer -- $700 a Day


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    already posted in the off topic section icon_lol.gif
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    That is really amazing. They say that kids can absorb so much more than adults.
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    lol @ some of the comments on there...
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    Anyone can pass to be a MCP... This type of news don't mean anything.....
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    Interesting... the young girl is obviously one of these child-prodigies, and will grow up to be successful in anything and everything they do, even if they screw up royally they still come out successful.
    I was 45 when I passed my initial MCP, only because I did not pursue anything until that age.
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    But this is a country that 99% of adult MCP use **** to get certified. Hope these new generation can bring a change.
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