Certification Plans for 2009

gorebrushgorebrush Member Posts: 2,743 ■■■■■■■□□□
Any roadmaps for exams for any of you guys?

Next year for me: -

BCMSN Feburary
ISCW April
ONT June

Not going to commit too many dates but hopefully want to do an exam every 2-3 months.

Hopefully next year pick up CCNP and CCIP and look to move jobs at the beginning of 2010.

The reason I'm keen on CCIP is that a lot of companies now rely on MPLS lines and I know they use BGP (although I have no direct contact to these things myself) Would be extremely handy to be able to do all this without having too much reliance on service provider knowledge...

Anywho, all of this ultimately leading to CCIE R+S sometime in 2011 (Will have to think about a CCVP as well...)


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    NobylspoonNobylspoon Member Posts: 620 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Spring Semester

    70-620 in mid January (Before school starts)
    A+ in March
    Network+ in April
    70-622 in June before Second Shot runs out

    Summer Semester


    Fall Semester


    Its a big list but everything except the 70-620 & 70-622 are directly related to classes I am taking in college, those are the only two I am self studying for. I also work full time as a security guard so I have 40 hours of PAID study time a week.

    MS: Information Security & Assurance
    Start Date: December 2013
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    Deltah_Deltah_ Member Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I will finish my CCNP with the BSCI exam in March.

    I'm now trying to change job to acquire more experience on Cisco stuff.

    And after that...

    SNRS - May
    IPS - July

    CWSP - November

    At the end of 2009, maybe I will focus on more security job position.
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    NetAdmin2436NetAdmin2436 Member Posts: 1,076
    I need to finish up my MCSE that's for sure.

    70-297 or 298

    Then in no particular order and subject to change....

    I'm not sure about the 431 for 2009, that looks tough icon_confused.gif. Hopefully I can get all the other ones completed. We'll see....
    WIP: CCENT/CCNA (.....probably)
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    dtlokeedtlokee Member Posts: 2,378 ■■■■□□□□□□
    CCIE Security.
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    blargoeblargoe Member Posts: 4,174 ■■■■■■■■■□
    MCITP Messaging in the next 3 weeks or so

    VCP in the month following

    EMC Storage Specialist, if I get training approved, in the first half of the year

    MCITP Enterprise Administrator before the end of the year

    Possibly getting CCNA renewed and delving further into Cisco, depending on where my job responsibilities fall next year.
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    Working on: RHCE/Ansible
    Future: Probably continued Red Hat Immersion, Possibly VCAP Design, or maybe a completely different path. Depends on job demands...
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    royalroyal Member Posts: 3,352 ■■■■□□□□□□
    ITIL Foundations
    Hyper V
    OCS Voice Specialization
    OCS R2 if there's an exam that comes out for it
    MCITP Enterprise Admin
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    Sulblk27Sulblk27 Member Posts: 148
    When I can get my brain together:
    CCNA- April/May (third try icon_confused.gif ) May this time do the one test at a time track.....
    Linux+- shortly thereafter (grabbing every Linux OS I can, focus is on Open Suse, Ubuntu <SP>)
    Someone asked me when will my studying be over......
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    ThePrimetimerThePrimetimer Member Posts: 169 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Studying for NET + and hopefully get it in February,
    Then on to CCENT ICND1 in March or April,
    Then ICND2 to get CCNA by summer 09.
    I want to get into networking, it's what my degree is in. Just have to have a little time in my job which is application support for a bank. Not exactly what I wanna to with my life, but now that I am in the company, I can only go up!
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    ConstantlyLearningConstantlyLearning Member Posts: 445




    CCNA - Security

    Maybe Linux+ if I get a chance.
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    AhriakinAhriakin Member Posts: 1,799 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Hopefully the CCIE Sec lab in January then the CCNP and CCDA/CCDP.
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    jbaellojbaello Member Posts: 1,191 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I kinda missed out with my certification goals this year, but I was able to secure the job that will give me solid experience with server, with that being said, my goal for next year are the following:

    Security +
    CCNA: Security
    MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator
    MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
    Hopefully to start with BSCI or ONT

    For my long term goal, I am still debating myself on which path to go CCNP, CCSP, or ISC/SSCP, I will find out since I will be dealing with both network and security with my target exams, one thing is certain though I will try to focus and be an expert on the following Server + Security or Server + Networking, it would be nice to have both but it might fry my brain.
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    KasorKasor Member Posts: 933 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Maybe CCNA: Security or NCE, MBA

    It is all depending on the my saving and work status....

    At least that I know I wll accomplish few of them, but not all.
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    lildeezullildeezul Member Posts: 404
    After ISCW (beginning of February) , i will take the CCNA sec: (which will prolly take 1 month)
    then finish the CCNP probaby Late April.
    Then start on the CCIP and CCSP track. With the CCIP first
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    crip1087crip1087 Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□
    In 2009, I plan to complete:
    Either MCDST or skip for MCSA
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    JavonRJavonR Member Posts: 245

    LPIC-1 and 2

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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Finish up the CCIP and then move on full steam towards the CCIE R&S.
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    amp2030amp2030 Member Posts: 253

    Job Hunting (not quite a cert but on the roadmap)



    More if time permits...
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    Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□
    For sure, MCSE. Kicking around the idea of CCNAV or Linux+ since my job is brining on a Linux team by the end of 2009 and CCNAV since we started voice support with the new years.
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    ULWizULWiz Member Posts: 722
    My Certification goals for next year are the following 3 certifications.

    291 Left = MCSA 2003

    That pretty much my goal for next year. If i throw anything else in the loop it would must likely be Security+.
    CompTIA A+ Nov 25, 1997
    CompTIA Network+ March 7, 2008
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    Cisco CCENT In Progress
    MCP Server 291 In Progress
    C|EH In Progress
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    GT-RobGT-Rob Member Posts: 1,090
    CCNA voice, and maybe CCDP. Also would like to get my JNCIA finally.

    All of this after the 'other' exam first though :P
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    dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    By end of June: VCP, ICND2, MCITP: EA, CEH, SSCP, CWSP, CCNA:S

    After: Undecided about starting CCNP or CCSP. I'd like to do the NP first to get the foundation, but on the other hand, none of the SP exams overlap with any other track, and it's tempting to just get it out of the way so I can move on to the overlapping tracks after the NP. CISSP (only qualify for an associate) might be another option while the SSCP material is fresh...
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    jbaellojbaello Member Posts: 1,191 ■■■□□□□□□□
    dynamik wrote:
    By end of June: VCP, ICND2, MCITP: EA, CEH, SSCP, CWSP, CCNA:S

    After: Undecided about starting CCNP or CCSP. I'd like to do the NP first to get the foundation, but on the other hand, none of the SP exams overlap with any other track, and it's tempting to just get it out of the way so I can move on to the overlapping tracks after the NP. CISSP (only qualify for an associate) might be another option while the SSCP material is fresh...

    I'm kinda looking at the same long term goal... nice goodluck to both of us, hopefully one day we will be a patriot thwarting the bad guys!!! :)
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    L0gicB0mb508L0gicB0mb508 Member Posts: 538
    My list:
    CCNA Security

    My Maybes:
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    skrpuneskrpune Member Posts: 1,409
    I'm mostly going to focus on getting back to school, so my certification goals for 2009 are so far just 290/291 to finish off my MCSA. I might do Security+ or dip my toes into the Cisco pool with CCNA, but I'm really unsure about either of those since I have no hands on experience with either.
    Currently Studying For: Nothing (cert-wise, anyway)
    Next Up: Security+, 291?

    Enrolled in Masters program: CS 2011 expected completion
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    mamonomamono Member Posts: 776 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Currently studying for CompTIA Security+. My goal for 2009 is primarily CCNP, but I'm not sure where I'll fit everything in...

    MCSA 2003: Security (70-290 / 70-291)
    CWNA (PW0-104)
    CCNA: Wireless
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    azjagazjag Member Posts: 579 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Both required for school. Want to be done retaking these exams by February.

    RHCT by June.

    CCENT over summer. If i have time since i am only 1 class away from sitting for the exam.

    CIW Associate and Pro (don't know much about these 2. May need to reevaluate my goals.)
    If i can by December

    Hopefully i can graduate this time next year and then focus on my 2008 MS exams or my MCSE.
    Currently Studying:
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    VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Data Center Design (VCAP5-DCD)
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    vColevCole Member Posts: 1,573 ■■■■■■■□□□
    MCDST then MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician.

    Not sure what's after that. I'm back in school Jan. 5th. icon_sad.gif
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    jbrown414jbrown414 Member Posts: 230
    All you networking guys have more certs to go after. I'm trying to finish up the MCITP: Database Administrator cert. Currently on 70-443 with 70-444 next. After that, I may go with Security+ or will head towards the MCITP: Database Developer track to strengthen my MS SQL Server knowledge. I really have no clue after that. I'm hoping to land a DBA job in 09 and see where it goes from there.

    Good luck to everyone on all their goals. Hopefully everyone will meet their expectations. :D
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    Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    The only goal I have for 2009 is to finish the ICND2. After that I am committed to going back to school. I'm 27 years old and have only done about half of my associates degree done. I've taken a class here or there but this year I really want to get on track towards my 4 year.
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    ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
    1. Complete my MCITP:EA. This should be easy since I only have the 647 left and I already have it scheduled for Jan 5th.

    2. Make career decision regarding Microsoft vs Cisco future paths.

    3. If Microsoft, pursue MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator before CCNA renewal

    4. If Cisco, work towards CCNP. I need to pass one exam next year anyway to renew my CCNA.

    I didn't meet all of my goals last year becasue I didn't take the BCMSN. I did finish the MCSE:Messaging and passed the EMCPA exam. I also passed the 620 and 649 for the MCITP:EA which wasn't part of the original plan, but was more of an effort to be 'done' with Microsoft for a while before I moved on to studying Cisco.
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