New to this field...just some questions...

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Hello! I am so happy that I have found this site! :D
Anyhow. On January 5th, I will be starting classes for an Associates degree in Information Technology-Computer Support.

I chose this field because computers are my hobby and I KNOW that I will be successful at it. I do have a few questions though, as I am new to all of this. First of all, what type of salary would I make in this feild? I mean, just a ballpark range, because I know that it depends on where and who you work for. (I am in Ohio-Cleveland area)

Is it easy to find a job straight out of school without prior employment experience? Or will it be one of those catch 22's where you need experience for the jobs, but you need the job for experience?

Finally, the classes they have me taking relevant to my major are Database design,A+ certification,Server+ certification,Network + certification,CCNA Certification,and Programming I.

Will this be sufficient in the career field or should I double major in Applications or Web Page design as well? I just don't want to go through 2 years of school and find out that my degree means nothing. Speaking of which, is an Associates degree sufficient for entry level careers? I would hate to go through this to find that all employers require a Bachelor's or higher.

Yes, I know I am a bit naive when it comes to this...but hopefully I have found a forum with nice people that are helpful and can get me off on the right foot. Thanks in advance!


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    Yes, you can find a job outside of school. Degrees in your field are always good to have, as many companies are "old school" and don't always recognize certs...I think they are just unaware of certs and their value.
    If you know someone in the IT field who can put a good word in for you...that helps A LOT! that's how I got my current job.
    As far as salary goes, it varies by company, state, name it. I work in the Seattle area and the average pay is around $18-24 per hour.
    Pay also changes with the job title. Programmers will earn more than a Tier1 helpdesk tech.

    Hope that helps...doesn't hurt to add some certs as well..A+ will get you a foot in the door:)
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    For entry level, the certifications along with the AA should be fine. As you move along in your career and gain experience you'll want to get better paying jobs with well established companies. Lately, almost all the good jobs have a B.S. requirement. So it's just something to keep in mind.

    When I started in IT, people didn't even know what that was, let alone a BS for it. I really wish I had one though.

    I can't tell you how much they pay over there in Ohio but in really varies even here in Cali. If you're going to school fulltime, then it's probably a good idea to just finish it. But if you can handle working partime during school it's good idea to get your feet wet. Plus you'll have a better understanding of what your actually learning at school. It's up to you though, and as with anything, just work hard, and you'll reap the rewards. Good luck young jedi. :D
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    Definitely have to get the BS at some point. You'll probably be looking at a help desk/entry field tech position. Ranges anywhere from $11 to $14 an hour for those jobs, but could be less. A combo of certifications and education is a great way to get a job. Looks like the program is a good one and I would take as many programming courses as you can. Seems in my job hunt they keep looking for programmers so if that's your cup of tea I'd go in that direction.
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    Bad timing... You are fighting with college graduated with degree and many IT guy that have prior experience.

    Entry level job is very difficult to come by. Keep hunting for the job...

    Good Luck
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