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Hi everyone, english is not my first language as you may always taste from my posts and working as customer service representative in an english speaking country is challenge itself, so I need good forum, such as this one where I can improve my english (particularly spoken english)
Sorry if this is not the right section to post this.........and thanks for your replies all..........


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    Welcome to the forum. We will be more than happy to help you with anything IT related here so ask away with anything technical. Looks like your english is just fine to me.
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    What's your native language?
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    ULWiz wrote: »
    Looks like your english is just fine to me.
    I have to agree. To be perfectly honest, you write better than a lot of native speakers.
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    You just have to learn it the hard way and keep improving yourself. Practice.. Practice.. Practice .....
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    [grammar police]Btw, when you say English, the word English should be capitalized.[/grammar police]

    Sorry, I had to!
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    skrpune wrote: »
    I have to agree. To be perfectly honest, you write better than a lot of native speakers.

    It looks like he wants to work on speaking/listening which is much more difficult than reading/writing though. I was trying to find out what his native language was because they're some good ESL podcasts.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement : ULWiz, Skrpune,Dynamik, & kasor in particular.
    I am Somali origin & South African citizen (Both East & Southern Africa)
    Thanks for reminding me to practice more , becoz I believe practice is the key for improvement in all studying fields

    Thanks for your compliment skrpune and I have to admit that I like this forum because of your advices.

    I know my written, understanding & listening english is not that bad as well as my spoken english, but I feel sometimes which is obvious that I need to improve my spoken english....

    Thanks again for your time guys.................
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    You should check out these podcasts:

    I came across this one too, but I can't tell if it's any good, or if you have to pay:
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