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I was wondering about how much study time you have put into the Net + exam? My company is ordering testout study guides, plus a book or two I will need, and they want me to create a "work order" for it that includes estimated study time.

I have a BS in network and computer security (several networking classes w/labs), plus about a year of real world experience in networks.

I am just trying to get a feel for how many hours you put into studying for the test so I know what to expect.

Thanks in advance!


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    It really depends person to person.

    But it sounds like you yourself should be able to pass it in a month with your education and experience if you dedicated time to this exam. You could probably do it in 2 or 3 weeks if you buckle down and put in at least a few hours everyday. IMHO Security+ is slightly tougher than network+. I see you have your security+, so how long did that take you?

    I have an AAS in computer networking with 4 years experience at the time and it took me about a month (1-2 hours a day). So take it for what it's worth.
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    For me personally it took a month of study time for the Network+. I read one book and used the test questions out of it. Besides that i also used the technotes for the network+ and felt i was ready.

    Unfortunately my machines crashed a few time and did not administer a full test to me so i had to go back again and take it again. Did pass it on the first full try though.

    Best of luck hopes this helps a little.
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    Thank you guys for the info!

    I would like to take the exam before my boss leaves for vacation at the end of February, so that gives me a time line to work with.

    I took the Security + just a couple of months out of college so the info was still pretty fresh. I studied for a month using the Exam Cram book and the Tech Notes here.

    I'm sure you will be hearing more from me in the future!
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    I did it in about 4 weeks, 5 days a week, about 4 hours a day. I was sick of studying, knew 3 resources front to back, and still barely passed. Dont underestimate this test.
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