PASSED!! Jan 7th 2009

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Got a 900 on a 43 question exam with about 5-7 Sims. I felt it was very thorough and covered a lot equally with a bit more emphasis on users and permissions.

I used Transcender, ********, TestOut, and had previously taken 3 classes on Server so far. I really liked Test Out to brush up on certain topics I was weaker on and ********'s practice questions.


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    Thats awesome. Any helpful tips?
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    Congrats on the pass...but with those *********'s in your post, it looks like you used some, well, shall we say "questionable" sources (i.e., brain ****) for your studies. TestOut is legit, but those others that got auto-edited out aren't and could cost your your certs if you're caught...
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    Well I guess helpful tip would be not to use what got bleeped out of my post. I thought they were just like Transcender. If its OK to say I got maybe 3 questions I had already seen out of 43. I used only Transcender and TestOut for my XP exam and had seen questions that I had already seen from Transcender as well. I don't see a difference between one and the other really. I actually prefered Transcender because they had better explanations.

    So to wrap it up use TestOut to brush up on materials you're weak on and use I guess Transcender to take practice tests.
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    Congrats on the pass! I second the ******* comments. When in doubt, check with CertGaurd.
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