70-622 - Passed

excalibur1814excalibur1814 Member Posts: 82 ■■□□□□□□□□

I passed today with 764 (Or was that 746?). Not the greatest score but it's reflected by my study. I read the MS Press book, took 50 test questions from the cd at the back and ran out of time so I had to take the test. With more study and less play, I should have managed more.

As usual the testing computer wouldn't print the results and the refresh of the CRT meant that I've got strained eyeballs. Aggghgh

Even though I sound narky I'm actually really happy as it wasn't the most interesting of exams, but I REALLY must recommend this exam to anyone that's working with Vista (good footing for Win7!) in an Admin position. This exam has shown that although Vista has it's short comings, it's got far, far more to offer Admins than XP with regards to Group policy.


(Will go for the 70-624 when a book becomes available)



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