A+ ESSENTIALS & Which Elective

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I am due to take the A+ Essentials in a 2 days .. which Elective is the easiest to take after to become an A+ ?

Do you have any recommondations on free test exams and what is mainly covered ?

As sockets/slots come up in a few practice exams - but are they more related to the old A+?

Also I have a BSc in IT Degree - but no experience.

I am due to also take MCP XP and Server 2003 .. What is the best route to become a network engineer when you have no experience ?

How long does it take ?



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    It really depends on what you wanna do.

    602 - IT Technician... Desktop Support/ On-site technician - Basically the Jack of all Trades type Elective. You gotta know what your doing if your physically at the station and have full responsibility for any software/hardware changes/upgrades/break-fxes
    Most marketable Cert of the 3 Electives

    603 - Remote Desktop Technician... Like it sounds - "remote desktop support/software support" A little easier because you dont have to be there, dont have as much responsibility since you are remote. But you will have to get use to Automated Re-images and Remote Assistance/Desktop software.
    Very popular since there are soo many helpdesks/callcenters these days and growing.

    604 - Bench Technician ... This is again like it sounds.. You sit at a bench and replace/upgrade hardware all day.. Basically like your local Bestbuy/Radioshack techs do in the back. Though this particular elective concentrates on physical hardware/upgrades..
    least marketable..

    Hope this helps
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    I've only heard one person report that they were turned away from a job for not having xyz specialization, and in general, if a job requires A+ they will take any "flavor" of A+. It's relatively rare for one of the specializations to be required, and 602 is the most popular one done but if your career path matches up with one of the other specializations better, then you might want to go with 603/ or 604.
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    Meh... they're really all the same. All that's really different is the amount of each type of questions on each elective. You will get the exact same type of questions on each though (I'm sure they even come from the same pool of questions, just different weights on how much they take from each pool)
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    Just go with the 220-602 (Technician). I could not imagine anyone really caring which one that you get, but if you feel like you have a strong knowledge in the other two than I would go for the others.
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