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packet tracer 5.0 has anyone used packet tracer? and cisco network academy?

what are the pros and cons? and do you use real routers and switches or are all your
work is done in sims?




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    Packet Tracer is available as part of the Cisco CCNA Network Academy Courses. It's a good tool for initially learning about networking and allows the instructors to "build labs" and assignments for their students. It might be the only option for some Academies in the 3rd world that can't afford the real hardware labs -- but while being "cute" it lacks a lot of functionality. It still has a long way to go before I'd consider it a fully functional simulator -- but it is a good learning tool when used as part of the Academy training.
    As an CCNA Academy Alumni I do have PT5.1 loaded -- and my opinion still stands.
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    I used cisco academy for the ccna as part of my course at my first university. We used real labs. If there was too many you would sometimes have to share. but this was rare.

    We also had access to packet tracer. But this was a few years back.

    However at the time i didnt use the academy to study for the ccna
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