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Hi all. I am currently studying for the OS part of the A+ exam and I was wondering, does anyone know of some online XP resources that I can read over in preparation for the exam? I can't afford to purchase a book just for XP information in it. The books I have don't have DETAILED enough information on it.
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    why don't look at the technotes for exam 70-270 -way over the top what u need - but os exam won't ask for all that much on xp which is difficult except for remote installation which was more a mcse question rather than os question the way which books have u got and what OS u running??
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    And then there is always the Product Information and TechNet at icon_wink.gif
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    If you download bearshare, you can search for A+ and there is a hand typed Adobe test with about 300 plus questions. very helpful in studying for the OS Test and also search internet ( for free practice test.

    I passed the OS on July 8th with 589
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    I got the exam cram2 for my A+ (and all my other certs) and I do not believe I got an ex question wrong. They are pretty thorough with the OS.

    There is also a site that I go to to check up on processes and resources, but I forget the exact link. Try to google liutilities or a particular process. It is a site for a piece of software, but it gives you free information as well.
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    I used EXAM CRAM also, you can get the exam cram books fairly cheap at local bookstores.
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