Help with Certs ?

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Hi All
Booked in for exam this tuesday and still havent quite got to grips with certificates. Watched the Nuggets a few times and read syngress but autoenrollment just anit sinking in. Seems to be soooooo much to it!. Anyone seen a 'basic' guide that makes sense
or any tips ? Cheers D.S.


  • docspawndocspawn Member Posts: 97 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks Dynamik, i may well have to order on wednesday !
    Off to read all can for next 48hrs, Kettle on, Coffee out............ !
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    Good luck on the exam!
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    Just back from test center, failed with the worse score ever (to embarrassed to say). Worked really hard on this one over3 months, did the nuggets, book and transcenders and was rather happy but WOW that was a real hard exam. Accually ran out of time in the end and so missed out a few sims because thought i'd come back to those !!
    Are the sims worth more 'points' than questions ?, i'm quessing thats
    were i lost big points.
    Any other exam tests worth looking at for this one, other than transcenders ?.
    Unhappy D.S.
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    Ah, sorry to hear about the fail. MS doesn't say anything about the sims, but they've always felt a bit weighted in my opinion. Maybe they do something like Transcender and give you one point for each objective you complete.
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    Docspawn, sorry to hear about the fail. I've heard that this test is really hard! Be sure to look at the sheet that you received after you took the test and study the weaker areas hard. You'll pass second time around icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks chaps for support, my brain still hurts since yesterday
    so i think i'll take wkend off and decide what i'll do. Least i have got my 'free' second shot to try again.
    Note..If any help to others dont just concentrate on just PKI, Certs and DNS (need to know ALL very very well) but make
    sure you know how NLB/clustering works and are happy with how to config/fault find.
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    Unlucky. I personally found this one to be the hardest MS exam I've done thus far - 'weird' questions, covering what seemed to be the entire MS product set too!

    At least you've seen it now and know what kind of things you need to brush up on, so be sure to use that second shot and go get it!
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    Your so right regarding the weird questions, if the questions were
    reasonable stright forward then i wouldnt have spent so long
    reading, re-reading and working out what the hell they are on about !!

    If only the questions were like the test exams i did then life would be a whole lot easier !!.
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