Network+ exam update - 2005

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Hi, all.
This is my first post here. I’ve been lurking around here for a while but figured it was time to register so I can post/ask questions.

Just wondering if anyone saw the new info on CompTIA’s site regarding the 2005 exam update? I’ve been studying for the Network+ exam for about a month. I had heard rumors that the exam was going to be updated and now I know I have some time to study before it changes.
Just figured I’d pass this along.



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    Thx 4SG!

    I know Michael Myers has a new 4th Edition of his 'All-In-One' Network+ book coming out at the end of August 2004. I wonder if it has been updated for the new objectives? My initial guess was 'no', just because it looks like the test update won't be introduced for almost a full year. But then it also seems close enough that you'd think there would have been some consultation on the subject of a possible upgrade, especially since the current objectives are getting older. So perhaps the new edition will be designed for the new objectives.

    I am planning to take the Network+ in the next month or two. Part of me would like to wait and test on the new objectives.
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