642-611 MPLS Scheduled

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Well, I scheduled my exam. any helpful advice? It's not for a while, but I want to nail this test on first attempt.

On a side note, how many people here work in a large ISP? I work for a global ISP in our backbone group; this is why I chose to pursue my CCIP before CCNP. I am lucky enough to see just about all the CCIP concepts in use.
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    Work for the third largest ISP in Australia, not a Global ISP but were working on it. In the meantime looking at taking that 2nd Largest title.... ;p

    I work in Operations Engineering. Very exciting position and I love the dynamic environment.

    CCNP got me in the door, I'm currently pursuing my CCIP - Have you sat the QoS component yet?

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    I currently work at a global ISP. The topics in the CCIP seem tailor-fitted to one of the network services my company offers. I think we might work for the same company. :)
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    Good Luck!! icon_thumright.gif

    Have you already done the BGP exam?
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    I also work for a large ISP, actually one of the local leaders in my country. I am applying for a graduate program at one of the global ISPs this summer, really, really would like this to happen.

    Internetworks are the thing that I plan to focus for the future, still I start to purse the CCNP before the CCIP, as it is the more basic cert.
    Anyway, good luck at your exam !!!
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    I have been going through the first volume of MPLS and VPN Arch. and starting volume 2. These books don't really seem like study-guides, so I was wonder if there was anyone, who already took the mlps test, give a brief layout of what is the most important.
    10 years Military (6 as data tech)
    A.A.S Telecom/Network Technologies
    Backbone Engineer
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