studying many topic's at once

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I have recently found myself having to cut back on expenses icon_sad.gif One of these expenses was my exam costs. I was all set to write my 70-297 exam not too long ago when $$$ got tight and I had delay/cancel my booking. Now as I work my way to get back on my feet, I'm still studying, but I've started to become stale with material and started looking/reading citrix doc's and have become interested with the 1Y0-259 exam.

Could this hurt me if while I sort out my finances that I'm studying 2 different subjects?
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    For test taking reasons, possibly. Career wise, not at all. It just depends on how your brain functions I guess. :)
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    genXrcist wrote: »
    For test taking reasons, possibly. Career wise, not at all. It just depends on how your brain functions I guess. :)

    Agreed. It will most likely be harder to learn "to test" on more than one subject, but I don't think there is anything negative about learning multiple things. When you get back on your feet just return your focus to the one subject for review and knock out the exam!
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    I think it helps to prevent burnout on some subjects..which happens to me sometimes. I'm currently studying ONT/QOS, and CEH material simultaneously. I forsee it taking me longer to get the material then if I had just focused on say QOS, but it keeps things interesting for me. Just my $.02.
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    Personally, I have no trouble studying multiple topics in the same window of time. However, I do find that it's a smoother ride to study similar topics at the same time, (like studying security on both Microsoft and Cisco machines, or things like MCSE exams 70-294 and 70-297 since they cover much of the same material).

    It's all about your own ability and the amount of focus you have. Sometimes, like when we're in school, we don't have the luxury of choice in what we study, we're stuck doing everything from calculus, to history, to creative writing, and all those final exams come in the same week. When you have the choice, try to study similar material, otherwise it might be a good idea to try to sharpen those multiple-input learning skills.

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    Yes, you can study differents objectives and increase your knowledge and skills, but if you focus just in one exam it will be more easy to pass the exam and keep going to the next objective.

    In my case I like Microsoft platform, Cisco and penetration testing but I remind myself to focus in just one exam and learn that information, after that I will go to the next. Because when you do not focus at the end you will delay the exams and will never complete a certification.

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    For me personally I need to focus on one exam at a time so I feel I am proficient in the subject matter. A part of this is because I don't want to just do the bare minimum to pass a test or get a cert, I want to learn everything about the topics included in the exam.
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    I have to agree with those that said it depends on how your brain works. I prefer to study for one cert exam at a time. But that doesn't mean I'm not learning other non-cert topics too - I'm taking two classes right now, so currently I'm studying for my 290 exam in addition to introductory discrete math & programming. My brain is a little hurty and tired, but it's totally doable to handle learning more than one new topic at once.
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    I'm not one that is capable of studying significantly different topics at once, I could to pass exams but I would have a difficult time actually retaining a bulk of the knowledge. When I study, I immerse myself with the material through books, CBT's and lots and lots of hands-on.

    I'm actually in a similar but slightly different situation in that I purchased a bunch of resources (books, CBT's, and hardware to build a couple higher end hyper-v servers) to study for the MCITP:EA track as well as some other MCTS certifications. This was supported and partly funded by my employer, but now there seems to be a shift to look at Linux solutions for a potential cost savings, so I may end up going that route instead or in addition to.
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