Took The Network+ 2009 Today, (passed)

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Hello everyone, I'm joining the community and will be updating on my progress in achieving future certifications. I'm only 18, so I have quite a ways to go tongue.gif

But what I came here to let you know was that I took the Net+ 2009 test today got an 820... found it quite interesting. I studied for the 2007 exam but figured since my school was paying for it either way, I'd go ahead and take the 2009 version. There's a lot of content that I didn't find in Mike Meyers' books, the LearnKey videos, TestOut, web resources, etc. I don't know how you guys are on discussing the test (because of the NDA) but I'll talk about some things.

The test itself (the one generated for me at least) has a lot of questions that are not in the 2007 objectives or included very little in the curriculum; I received many questions that were new concepts. I'm studying for the CCNA at the same time (which, I might add, is quite possibly the best way to study for these tests) and had to use some of my Cisco knowledge on the Net+. Another reason I think I did so well was that I read a lot of Wikipedia and tech articles. For me there were no Network Operating System questions and older technologies (FDDI, Token Ring, 10Base5) were ignored. I don't want to talk about the test much more than that but I think they have changed the test quite a bit from previous years.

6 of us total took the Net+ test and 3 passed. I was the only one taking the new objectives. My test had 100 questions while there's had 85; my test required a 720 to pass, while there's required a 550.

I'm taking the A+ exam in the next few days. I wasn't expecting too but I pleased my teacher so much that she offered to pay for the exam (she has an extra voucher that expires late April). I have not studied AT ALL for the test, but I built my first computer when I was 12 and I'm hoping from all my real world experience since that time that I can make it through it. I'm using Mike Meyers' A+ book to do some quick reading, and it looks (as of today) that I can do pretty well on it. Though it does seem like some of the stuff covered is really, really old.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. I hope to see you all around in the coming months as I pursue further certifications and enter college.
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