problems receiving my A+ certificate

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i am certified in A+, but the thing is i haven't received my certificate. i have been waiting for my cert for three and half months now. this really worries me, i mean how i am going to proof to people that i am certified.
one other thing is that i am able to veiw my exam records on site which indicates that i sat for both hardware+OS

has anybody experience such a problem? i mean its really frustrating and i am so sad. please help


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    Hit the link that says "Go to CompTIA CareerID". Create an account-- you will need your test scores and request a resend.
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    Hi There:

    Call this number and tell them you have not received your A+ yet. You supposed to get your A+ certificate in two week. I had the same problem as you have I called them, and then they ask me to send the score sheet by fax.

    (630) 678 8300 Ext-5

    Good Luck.


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    orissa wrote:
    Hi There:

    You supposed to get your A+ certificate in two week.


    I believe they say 6-8 weeks officially. I received mine in 4 weeks. Don't tell people two weeks because they'll start to worry prematurely and create more work and more delay for people with legit enquiries.
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    It seems like they forget about sending out certs to alot of people. I would definitely get on that asap cause i got mine like 2 weeks after crushing my Network + cert! good luck
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    I got mine in 2 weeks. Kind of disappointed tho, you'd figure after paying out ~$300 USD they'd at least center my name on the certificate.

  • mobri09mobri09 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 723
    hahah thats crazy i agree! These certs are X spensive! icon_mad.gif
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