I Passed Network+ TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am so happy! I passed today with a score of 780!
I really found this forum helpful and couldnt wait to post this!

I was heading on to Security+ next, but any other recommendations would be great.

I already have A+ so I think I will be shooting for MCSA. I have heard people say you should be focusing on CCNA after net and sec+ tests - is that because there is some information overlap?

Thanks again for all your help and support!

study materials used were:
Meyers 2005 objectives ( I didnt like this and thought much of the specifics regarding distances for cabling and wireless distances were different from the other materials I used - i also thought too much time was spent making it cute, and not enough on covering what was going to be on the test - but opinions vary)
Exam Cram2 Network+ Study Guide ( I thought this was great and covered a ton, despite having some typos. I felt this really helped where Meyers was lacking. )
Exam Cram2 Practice questions ( I thought these questions were very helpful in getting me prepared, although the test was buggy and would give different answers certain times - sometimes the wrong letter would be listed as the right answer, but the answer description would point to the right answer - then the next time it wouldnt do that - so kinda buggy - but overall I thought it was good)

TechExams Forum and Practice tests & Technotes for review

MCMCSE.com practice tests

ProProfs.com practice tests - these I thought were the hardest, and as of last night - my scores made me wonder if I would pass.


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    congrats! I passed Net+ today also! Keep it up icon_cheers.gif
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    icon_thumright.gif Congrats!
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    Congratulations on your accomplishment!
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    Good Job! congratz and good luck on future tests!icon_thumright.gif
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    The path I chose after the Net+ was Security+ followed by the Microsoft path. I have no regrets with that path. The one thing I will point out, is that where I live the CCNA seems to have more value than an MCSE... It might be worthwhile to try the Cisco path first.
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    The one thing I will point out, is that where I live the CCNA seems to have more value than an MCSE...

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