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    earweed wrote: »
    Here's a list of corrections for the MS Press Training kit
    MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-680): Configuring Windows® 7 comments and corrections

    Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: 70-680 Errata Thread
    Some of the same typos are mentoned in both articles but the second addresses more errors in the exercises.

    EDIT: There are a lot of typo's in this book. There are also a lot of errors in some of the practice exercises.

    A lot of these errors were also in the official MS documentation when the tools were released. It kind of saddens me that these things are rushed to print so fast that people claiming to be experts on the topic don't even bother to use the tools in the way they are suggesting in their books. Why even bother waiting until after the exam goes live to publish to book if all you are going to do is rehash TechNet articles including all of the errors in the articles themselves?

    For that matter why should we even bother buying the damn books if they are nothing more than TechNet rehashes any way?
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    Came across this link this morning, and do not remember seeing it in the huge list of links, so that it would be of interest to those studying for 70-680

    Understanding USMT 4.0 Behavior with UEL and UE - Ask the Directory Services Team - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
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    There's a webcast with details on the exam as well as some sample questions.

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    thank you so much, this will be very useful.
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    The 70-680 exam video resources are available here - MCTS: 70-680 ? Exam Study Video Links | Scriptimus Ex Machina

    It's a massive resource.
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    Professor Messer, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Nework+, Microsoft Certification Training is a free equivalent to CBT nuggets. Will walk you thru your self paced training kit.
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    wood299 wrote: »
    Professor Messer, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Nework+, Microsoft Certification Training is a free equivalent to CBT nuggets. Will walk you thru your self paced training kit.

    Thank you.

    I had not heard about professor Messer earlier. I checked it today and watched couple videos.. they were pretty good!

    Though i still think that CBT Nuggets James Conrad is best in the whole industry! Funny, quick speaker, hilarious guy -and did i already said that he's funny too?
    OK, being funny is not most important aspect with educational videos but it helps a lot if it does not make listener/watcher sleepy! :D

    And i have seen many videos from different producers.. this Messer seems to be better than many of those commercial ones.. at least it's my first impression.
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    Thanks very much! Really really nice list! icon_thumright.gif
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    Getting ready to take this one myself. Thank you for the fantastic resources!!
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    Many books are for 685 online, would they include the 680 as well?

    How come theres not many resources for the 680/685? At least compared to Comptia, Cisco etc.
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    I had to register to post a thank you to you Claymoore. I took my 70-680 exam for the fifth time today - my engineer gave me this link as a study tool, and by going through all of the links you posted, not only did I finally pass, but I blew the exam out of the water. Thank you very much for all the time you spent putting this list together, it certainly helped me pass!
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    Really useful information. I am newbie and I hope that all this material will be extremely useful for me.
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    Here is another good site besides Professor Messer that does free cbt training: Windows 7 Free Training
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    Firstly I want to say thank you claymore - awesome post.

    Regarding the offline servicing through image x technet article. I have scoured the web and cant find it, has anyone got a working link to use?
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    Would like a study partner at barns n noble for studying windows 7. 70-680 exam I have Microsoft book I'm using
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    I'm at the Barnes n noble near metro center prkey n 28th drive behind bank of America if anyone's intterested
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    This link doesn't work anymore.
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    Good afternoon folks,

    I'm new to the forum and came across it whilst doing a google search for good resource material for MCTS 70-680. The links provided by Claymore are absolutely fantastic! Good job I found this site. I'm looking to sit my exam on the 2nd Saturday of March which gives me enough time to cram a wealth of information into my head.

    If anyone has any other tips or pointers they would be very much appreciated :)
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    Hello Everyone,
    Thought I'd share my strategy on my way to passing the MCTS 70-680 exam which is now a REQUIREMENT for many successful government contractors in DC area.

    First off, mental prep - thanks to TechExams, I was forwarned not to take this exam lightly. I starting carving out time immediately, and starting saving money to create a budget. In about 2 weeks, I was able to save money to buy the books I use. As seen here: http://www.techexams.net/members/davidhoffmanjr-albums-mcts+70-680+tools+used-picture3803-study-books-used-70-680.jpg

    I also got an old TV (free) from Craigslist and I bought a cheap DVD player. I set this up so I can watch Professor Messer videos while I study. Really helps to be able to PAUSE video, and then try the exercise, repeating what he is doing.

    Here's the TV and cheap DVD player I got: http://www.techexams.net/members/davidhoffmanjr-albums-mcts+70-680+tools+used-picture3801-dvd-player-tv-used-70-680.jpg

    I also got a couple of USB sticks so that I could follow along with Messer, and ITFreeTraining videos as seen here: http://www.techexams.net/members/davidhoffmanjr-albums-mcts+70-680+tools+used-picture3804-usb-sticks-used.jpg

    You can see the discs in the background that I also used.

    Next is the labbing. You can use Microsoft Virtual Labs (Technet), or you can build your own. I did both! Failure is NOT an option! Here are a few snapshots of the 'Labbing' I did on Microsoft Virtual Labs, and my cheapo home MCTS 70-680 Lab setup. Now don't get worried about the cost. I did this for under $100 bucks. I bought osme old workstations, andupgraded the HD's, RAM, etc. then connect them to a KVM switch I found on Craigslist for about $20 bucks.

    I setup virtual machines on my study workstation, and I also setup Server 2008 R2, and a reference machine (as seen in the photos).
    As far as the ACTUAL WORK EXPERIENCE, I would NOT RECOMMEND running anything at work, but Microsoft Virtual Labs might be ok. I spent my lunch breaks working in the MS VLABS, and reading the books. I also watch the videos (Both on DVD's I made, and on my iPhone whenever I get some free time). http://www.techexams.net/members/davidhoffmanjr-albums-mcts+70-680+tools+used-picture3805-labbing-70-680.jpg

    Here's a photo of my home MCTS 70-680 study lab: http://www.techexams.net/members/davidhoffmanjr-albums-mcts+70-680+tools+used-picture3802-lab-setup-used-70-680.jpg

    Like I said, although your employer may encourage you to pass your exam, be aware that in preparation for your exam, running certain tools on your enterprise could degrade network performance, so it's better to run in your lab environment.

    I hope this helps! I'll share more if anyone is interested. Claymoore's work was a big boost and really encouraged me to go for this credential! Hope others follow as well.
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    Thanks for sharing! I am studying for it now also but have not been able to give it 100% due to work. Next week I will put in more time. How many times did you do the labs? I plan on doing them twice, then labbing through Professor Messer videos then on to the technet ones. I figure if i can do all the labs without needing the manual I should be good...well maybe lol
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    Only thing is theres nothing for " Configuring Ipv4". At least from what I see
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    I'd recommend doing the labs WAY MORE than just twice! I think that you'll absorb the information the more you do it. I'm running through the labs about 8 times already and I'm starting to remember the commands, switches etc. without having ot look ta my notes or the books. Also, I'm seeing that playing the videos on my iPhone while stuck in traffic is starting to help. I'm picking up things that I had previously missed that are fresh on my mind when I get to work that I can use to save time in handling my support tickets.

    I also wnated to have an actual LAB SETUP so that other co-workers or others in my community coul duse to run their lab exercises as well if needed. I did this realizing that not eveyrone has the space, or the time to setup due to family, kids, or other contraints.
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    I'm not sure If we should study MDT 2010 or MDT 2012 version since can't download the 2010 anymore and I'm afraid the test will include 2012s features.
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