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I just passed ONT with a 930. I started working on my NP back in Nov 07. My CCNA was going to expire in April of the following year so I had to make a decision of renewing it or work on NP. I bought CBTnuggets for BSCI which at that time was a lot of money for just videos which I didnt know if it would help. Those videos helped a lot and now a year and a half later I am CCNP. Now I can continue sutdying for lab next year. Way to start the holiday, Im going to celebrate by drinking some home brew later on.
Studying for CCIE and drinking Home Brew


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    Congratulations on the pass and the CCNP!! icon_cheers.gif

    Enjoy your weekend celebrations! drunken_smilie.gif
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    Congrats. Remember to configure routers and switches wisely over the Holiday weekend!:)
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    I don't claim to be an expert, but I sure would like to become one someday.

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    Congratulations on the pass, as well as your new CCNP status! :D

    How long before officially start studying for that big, bad lab. . . once you recover from celebrating? drunken_smilie.gif

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    Well done!
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    Congrats on a job well done man! Enjoy the home brew...I know I need to take a break from Cisco this weekend and brew a batch too!
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    Good job kryolla! enjoy it!
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    Thanks everyone, my NP logos was made available today so I uploaded it as my avatar.

    Slowhand, I was studying for the lab whenever I got burnt out with studying NP so far IEWB1 I finished the first 6 labs and now they released BGP section so I will probably load the initial configs and maybe start on that. Work is slow and I setup remote access to my rack so I can spend some time during work to work on labs but now I can give it 100% so hopefully I can take a bootcamp in Nov-Dec this year and again next year before the lab.

    Jason, are you an extract or all grain brewer and what are you going to brew. I just got some equipment to go all grain for a 5 gallon batch. I used my extract equipment to do 2.5 gallon AG. Im getting a 55# sack of Maris Otter today and will be brewing a pale ale with orange peel and coriander and Im going to keg my Jamil blonde ale this weekend. So I think I have enough beer and variety for the summer.
    Studying for CCIE and drinking Home Brew
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    I am an all-grain brewer. I am very fond of the indian pale ale's, and I have another competition smoked scottish ale that I enjoy in the winters (probably what I'll brew this w/e though). Yours sounds like it will be a winner! All-grain is the way to go...just like the cisco cli, you just have so much more control with it. Congrats again, and enjoy!
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    Congrats man! I haven't even thought about starting the CCIE. Not sure I want to go down that road as of yet....

    I might just jump over to voice.
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    I hope I can be CCNP one day~ ^^
    on to BCMSN ^=============^

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    Congrats, I hope to join you about 4-6 months from June 6th :)
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