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Okay, I might be venting a little a little but this has just been bothering the last couple of weeks. I work for a bank as the application support. They consider it IT, but I have my doubts. I work with bank software, such as programs for loans, mortgages, deposits/credits. Its all proprietary stuff and not want I want to do. I went to school for networking and am very passionate about the field. I am studying for my net+ and love every minute of it! I want a job that I went to school for. Will the job that I am in now (application support) help with getting another job in IT? I keep looking for a different job, but have only been in this job for 8 months and its my first semi-IT job, so I don't have much experience. Looking for any advice you guys could give me.
Thanks for letting me ramble. Feel a little better now.
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    So when you say you are titled as application support, I assume that means you are fielding phone calls with questions related to the various proprietary programs that are used at your facility and in that case - yes, I would consider that IT. It's not the most enjoyable line of work but many of us get our start along those lines.

    Does your current job have any room for growth? If you don't mind working for your employer (other than the position you currently hold that is), then I would express some interest in getting into more of a traditional helpdesk role troubleshooting PC/Network issues and try to keep moving up from there - you would probably find that more fulfilling than just application support is for you now. It wouldn't certainly hurt at all to look around and see what is out there and show interest in other jobs, you do have 8 months of some experience which can help. I would definitely keep at the Network+ and try to seal that as soon as you can as it will make you more marketable. Who knows, if you earn your Network+ and the key people at your current job learn of this, you may be next in line where you're at now to move up when something opens if you show your determination to learn.
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    Most IT folks start from the bottom of the ladder (helpdesk, tech support, etc), so it may be difficult to get a job in your field right away, especially in recession times.
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    I interact with and visit dozens of credit unions and know what you mean.

    What software are you guys running? Do you deal with core processing at all?

    If you have the ability to support banking apps and know networking apply for a better position at another bank. There are thousands of banks and credit unions that would probably hire you.
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