help with VLAN implementation?

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I designated a few ports on my Cisco Switch for a second VLAN. However, I cannot get that VLAN to access the internet now. I know that each VLAN must be on a separate network than the other VLANs. I think my problem may be in choosing the IP addressing. I just chose a random IP address to throw on my new VLAN. Do I need to configure anything else? Oh and by the way, my network is not capable of routing in between VLANs. I have no layer 3 switch or 2600 series router.

Here's my network. VLAN 2 cant access the internet. ideas?

Do I need to configure anything else?


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    dissolved wrote:
    Yeah: inter-VLAN routing. It won't work otherwise.
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    if possible use dot1q
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    Well for one, inter-VLAN routing, you need to create sub-interfaces on the 1.40 router. One sub-interface for your 1.0 network and one sub-interface for your 3.0 network. Your default gateway is wrong for VLAN 2 CPU, 3.1 cannot use 1.40 as a default gateway, different network.
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    You need a router that can handle a virtual interface.
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    using intervlan routing : you have to create subinterfaces on your router ethernet interface and give them ip address as default gateway for your vlan. ex :
    router :
    subinterface e0.1 ip add
    subinterface e0.2 ip add

    vlan1 gateways
    vlan2 gateways

    have a nice try... :D
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    I believe your router needs to have a Fast Ethernet interface to do Intervlan routing.
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