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So I installed the client software on my PC. I don't have to install something on my Cisco Hardware for this to work do I? Just networking connectivity, specify the address...


  • jason_lundejason_lunde Member Posts: 567 can install the SDM on the hardware, but it will run from your pc and connect to your devices as long as you have established basic connectivity to them. The device must be configured for http or http secure-server access though.
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking. I am actually using Dynamips. I have telnet connectivity to the device, which works. Trying to run my security audit, and it just kind of hangs. I ran wireshark on my loopback adapter in Vista, and it doesn't send it squat. I dunno, I need to play with it some more.
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    Just to make sure, I did check the feature set and it did say it supported SDM. Image c3640-jk9s-mz.124-16.bin
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    Just a thought...

    124-16 might support SDM, but it isn't the SDM image. On the PIX/ASA's, you ftp up the image.bin and the asdm.bin files. Same with ISR's... download both IOS and SDM software.

    The client side software has to connect to the SDM software in flash.
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    mikearama wrote: »
    The client side software has to connect to the SDM software in flash.
    You can install it locally on your PC. It doesn't need anything stored in the router.

    Putting SDM onto the router just means you don't have to install it on your PC.
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