Have I been on the right track??!!?

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I have got the 70-290 exam booked for the 29th, just as I have never taken a MCP exam before I am worrying if my methods have been wrong.

I have been using CBT, MS Press Book, a virtural environment and reading through technet. I work in a IT dept but only have intermidate windows 2003 skills as most of what is covered in this exam we use third part tools, Patchlink, SNMP system monitoring, Back-up Exec, Netback-up, Citrix, Active Directory reporting, Hardware RAID solutions etc.

I learnt this over the last 4 months (following the book) and have spent last 2 months going over the objectivees one by one, just got my last bit of Objective 4 to do.

Do you guys find what you have learnt actually sticks when it comes to the exam? Just as I may not have time to go over the areas I covered previously to look for anymore gaps. Got 17-20 on practice exam on this site.

Thanks for any help or info
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    I'm probably not the best person to answer the question, but having just passed the 290 I would say the best tool for me was Self-Test Software. The questions were very similar to the exam questions and the simulations are also really useful.
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    From your training, I would say that you are probably okay. This test isn't toughest in the bunch. If you have a little to invest in a good set of practice tests you might feel more confident. I like Transcender. I do find that the practice is tougher than the exam but at least you know you are prepared.
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    Thanks guys

    I have got some practive questions from Measure-up with the Press Book along with some others from Measure-up. Not deicated that much time to them so think I will get a couple of days in.

    Think if I have to take this exam again or for next one I will get some questions from transcender, I see alot of people mention them!! So gota be a good thing!!

    Thanks for some pointers!!
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