How do you list your Certs on your RESUME (help/advice)

ITjobsGOTuDownITjobsGOTuDown Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
I have a college degree and A+ and network +

I just passed the net+ today so I will be adding the cert to my resume and was looking for some resume advice


I list its under the header

Bachelor of Science in blah blah blah
Comptia A+ certified professional

Should I list my net + like this...

Bachelor of Science in blah blah blah
Comptia A+ certified professional
Comptia Network+ certified professional

or like this

Bachelor of Science in blah blah blah
Comptia A+ and Network+ certified professional

or any other suggestions out there? Furthermore, how do you list your certs on your resume?


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    ZraxniahZraxniah Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have a CERTIFICATION heading in my resume

    and I have

    A+ (2001 Objectives) May 2001
    Network+ (2001 Objectvies) May 2001
    CCNA (640-001 or whatever) March 2002
    DCSE (Dell Certified Systes Expert -- All objectives) June 2004

    the month/year is aligned to the right, i used two columns in word

    I like having that section listed at the top, as it is quick to read, but leaves an impression (in theory, I haven't had much luck in my job search ;p)

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    sab4yousab4you Member Posts: 66 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I would make a section titled 'Education' as opposed to putting it in Qualifications.

    But from what I understand resumes are different from country to country so do it as appropriate/common in your area.

    I would list your university/college experience first and then put certifications afterwards.

    The way my resume looks, is I start out with a bulletted list of my main skills with keywords. The keywords are a list of my skills that match the skills desired from the job description.

    Then I put relevant work experience only - and then go into more details about skills I have that they may not have asked for on the job description.

    Lastly I put my education, including certifications.

    For me and IMO my experience outweighs my certifications. So I put my my job description keywords to match up top, job experience and then end it off with certifications.

    If you feel your education/certifications displays a higher value or looks better than your experience - then put that up top. This would be useful for noobs entering the field since they dont have much experience, so you wouldnt want to show that off.

    i.e. put your best stuff up top as thats the first thing they will glance at and possibly be your 2 seconds to be noticed or not. Then use the rest to get into better details or mention items that arnt as strong.
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    xeviousxevious Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    You'll have to read into what a potential employer may be looking for and adjust accordingly. ie. cert preferred, must have degree, etc...

    I agree with Sab4you in that it's a good idea to have a separate title for education and one for certifications.

    I have mine setup like this:

    Professional summary
    yada yada yada with x years of doing nothing seeking high paying job while catching up on my techexams.net forum news.

    xyz university
    phd degree yr-yr

    Technology skills
    certifications: quintuple ccie, sans gse, etc...
    platforms: ibm, dell, hp, microsoft, linux, unix, mac, sun, novell, beos, cisco
    programming languages: asp, xml, basic, cobol, fortran, ada, java, .net, c++++. c sharp, c minor, and many more.

    Hey, who said composing a resume wasn't fun? icon_lol.gif

    I have all the admiration for those with vast amount of qualifications and mean no disrespect... but I tell ya, I really enjoyed writing this post.

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