Review: INE CCIE Written Bootcamp COD

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When I purchased the CCIE 2.0 program a month ago I decided to get the Written Bootcamp COD. Here are my initial impressions, after watching all of the QoS and BGP videos.

Quite dissappointed, I was expecting a deep dive into the theory of each protocol down to the fundamentals of how things worked, which this definitely isn't. It seems to be lower than CCNP level stuff being covered, possibly good for review but not worth buying if you have just completed your CCNP.

The presentation is great, albeit a little slow to load each video (sometimes 10 minutes) when some of them aren't even 10 minutes long, but if the material was good I could put up with that. So I feel for me this was a waste of money, if I could advise other people...stick with the Vol I technology labs and the Advanced Technologies COD which are both excellent. Possibly if it has been a long time since you passed your CCNP or if you haven't completed your CCNP it might be a good buy.

Just my 2 cents.



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